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Outsourcing your billing is a great way to increase efficiency and monthly returns. By letting Inspire take complicated billing issues off your plate, you can focus more on patients. Inspire will do the leg work involved in claim submission, follow-up, denials, and all insurance communications. Inspire Medical Billing focuses on timely and maximum reimbursements. When partnering with IMB, the salary and expenses of in-house billers can be eliminated. Lastly, you have dedicated team members and support available when needed.

You’ll have a professional and dedicated Account Manager to assist you with any and all billing needs. Inspire’s team may help you tackle administrative tasks, enrollments, credentialing, claim submission and patient billing in order to collect more for the practice. Plans range from 4-9% depending on specialty and the individual needs of a practice.

Our fees are based on a percentage of payments collected, so we don’t get paid unless you do. This agreed upon percentage will not fluctuate.

After a service agreement is in place, Inspire can get to work immediately. Before Go-Live, the practice or provider must be properly credentialed and fully enrolled with the desired insurance carriers. Once these carriers process the enrollment form(s), typically within 5-30 days, Inspire will begin sending claims to those insurances.