Billing Services

Inspire offers personalized, comprehensive billing to help your practice grow.

Personalized Approach

Inspire Medical Billing understands that each practice is unique. One of IMB’s strengths is the ability to mold it’s service around a practice’s business model. We aim to be an extension of your office with many resources available. From customized reporting to the industry’s quickest claim processing, Inspire vows to deliver optimum success to your practice.

Outsourcing Benefits

Lets face it, time is an invaluable commodity. Maintaining your billing in house can be a very difficult process to keep up with. Inspire can lift this weight off your shoulders. IMB will keep up with the latest specifications, regulations and billing requirements for you. From credentialing to coding, we offer a wide variety of services that will help your practice bill more efficiently at a fraction of the cost.

An added benefit of partnering with Inspire Medical Billing is meeting short or long term hiring needs. With consistent revenue flow and 24/7 support, a practice can accurately assess it’s future financial possibilities. Stop worrying about sufficient staffing and focus on a critical aspect of the business, billing.

At Inspire Medical Billing, your practice is receiving 50+ years of combined billing experience. We work endlessly towards maximizing revenue while helping each practice achieve the highest level of success. Your focus on patient care is priority, which is why month over month our focus is to make sure your income is where it’s supposed to be. We inspire for a successful practice.

What Can Be Expected

Inspire Medical Billing offers a variety of services that benefit your practice’s billing needs.

Medical Billing

Our experience and attention to detail ensures accuracy in claim submission with correct procedure and diagnosis codes. We adhere to a proactive policy when following up on any claim denials. We make certain that all claims submitted to insurance carriers are paid out accordingly.

Medical Coding

Our team is able to read and write the universal medical code numbers created for diagnoses and procedures. These codes are formed from multiple healthcare records including notes from a physician, lab results, radiology results and various other sources. With this expertise, our team can advise the physician on the correct codes to use that yield the highest reimbursements.

Data Entry

Our data entry specialists provide various clerical and administrative support services in the healthcare field. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: keeping individual patient information intact, organization of patient history, and the accurate input of information for each provider into an electronic health record.

A/R Management

Our A/R Management team makes sure submitted claims fall within the timely filing window. A practice cannot run without sufficient and routine receivables. With Inspire, you can expect 20-23 days in A/R which beats the industry average by nearly 42%. This allows your practice to have a dependable cash flow each and every month.

Custom Reporting

We understand that every practice is unique. IMB can create reports specific to the needs of a practice and provide live data at any time. Thanks to our customizable analytics, we’re able to give our partners the visibility they desire.


Before a practice is eligible to “Go-Live” there are several steps to be completed prior to IMB’s billing process. The practice must have submitted all necessary provider information and make sure it is credentialed with the desired carriers. Inspire will then begin the software setup and build on behalf of the practice. When all requirements have been met, the practice is ready to “Go-Live”.


Insurance reimbursements are collected at a rate of 96% upon the first submission with Inspire Medical Billing. This is how practice’s can see monthly collections increase up to 15% with our services. Any payments that have not been received from patients are eligible to go into collections. IMB ensures all payments are to be collected accordingly without the need to go back to the practice.

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