The Emergence of Telehealth

Before Covid-19, telehealth medicine was on the rise, and that rise increased exponentially
once the pandemic hit. More doctors and practices were electing to have their patients visit
digitally rather than in-person to eliminate the spread. What was more challenging was
managing how to bill for these services.

With limited the face-to-face interaction, stopping patients in the waiting room to collect co-pays, or contacting billing companies post-visit, many practices struggle to balance their traditional billing with telehealth billing.

As an expert billing company in the Chicagoland area, Inspire Medical Billing rose aptly to face this challenge to meet the necessity. With full cycle RCM services available, practices can rely on us for all their outsourced medical billing needs!

Affordable and Reliable Billing Solutions

No medical practice can survive without thorough, accurate, and an efficient billing process . Insurance companies can be challenging to work with, which is why it’s Inspire Medical Billing’s central focus. As an all-around provider of medical billing (including telehealth medicine), your practice will experience a sense of ease knowing that your financials are in reliable and experienced hands.

With over a 98% accuracy rate upon first submissions, we have proved to be a reliable means of outsourced billing. To further help practices stay on top of their financials, IMB provides live data reports on a monthly basis… When a practice does not have to take on the added stress of billing, it allows you, the doctor, to focus on growing the other areas of your practice, like treating your patients.

Securing Financials, Increasing Revenue, and Saving Money

In addition to increasing the reliability of your practice’s billing methods and saving crucial time and money, the other added benefits of relying on today’s experts in medical billing include:

  • Increasing Revenue: Current partners of Inspire have documented a 12-15% increase in monthly collections from patients.
  • Decreased Errors: Due to the effectiveness and experience the Inspire team, fewer errors occur during the billing process. This helps stabilize the flow of funds while increasing overall patient satisfaction.
  • Saving Money with Affordable Billing Solutions: As Inspire is devoted to small to mid-size practices, you’ll find we accurately charge for all services. Without paying outrageous fees for medical billing, your practice saves money in the long run.

When it comes to optimizing your practice, Inspire Medical Billing is the perfect solution to provide a practice with reliable and affordable billing solutions. Using our dedicated team ultimately helps grow your practice and increase patient satisfaction levels. Contact us today to find out more about our services and what our team can bring to your practice.

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