How Inspire Medical Billing Offers More than Just Billing Solutions 

At Inspire Medical Billing, we provide our customers with the perfect solution to outsourcing their billing process to make it efficient, affordable, and accurate. However, while the financial aspect is important, the patient experience is equally important when it comes to your reputation and patient satisfaction at your practice. We recognize that the patient is the priority and make every effort to ensure their satisfaction as well as yours.

Accurate and Timely Billing

A common patient frustration is a lack of clarity or timeliness when it comes to their financial responsibility from appointments. It can also be frustrating when bills take too long to process or arrive, or when a reimbursement from insurance takes months to process. Similarly, accounting errors that result in increased money owed can significantly impact their attitude toward their experience with a particular doctor or practice. Even though the billing has very little to do with how well you treated them, an unexpected charge months after treatment undoubtedly leaves a sour taste for patients.

The numbers prove our effectiveness: 98% of our billing is accurate the first time around, and our receivables run between 20-23 days (beating the industry average by 42%). When your patients are billed and charged and paid quickly and efficiently, and without error, it provides them with a more pleasant overall experience at your practice.

Professional Patient Contact

Just as a doctor’s bedside manner is crucial to the patient experience, so is the billing professionals. When it comes to contacting and communicating with your patients, we know that their satisfaction and overall experience can be impacted by communication during the billing process. In the event that we need to reach out to a patient for information, billing questions, or other information, all of our employees are trained with the understanding of communicating in a professional manner and a manner that is appropriate given the situation. We understand patients might be experiencing different medical crises and recognize that certain conversations require notes of empathy and that every patient is deserving of respect. Our interactions with your patients will focus on continuing the excellent care that you provide to every one of them.

HIPPA Compliance

Best serving your patients also means we maintain compliance with HIPPA and recognize the patients’ rights. All of our employees ensure total compliance with all federal regulations and requirements. Every employee follows the national standards for ensuring patient confidentiality and the protection of all sensitive patient health information. This not only services to protect your practice, but ours as well.

Premier Billing Services with IMB

Just as you put your patients first when it comes to your medical practice, we follow suit to ensure that all your patients are met with respect and professionalism and an overall positive experience. As an extension of your practice, we respect and maintain all expectations for the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Reach out to Inspire Medical Billing today to find out more about what we offer.

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