Why Inspire?

At Inspire Medical Billing your practice is receiving
50+ years of combined billing experience. We work
endlessly toward maximizing revenue while helping
each practice achieve the highest level of success.

Inspire Delivers Results

When choosing Inspire Medical Billing, our partners receive dedicated billing services and support. Our team of experienced billers and coders are motivated to help every step of the way.

Inspire Medical Billing delivers high performance, quality customer service, and a state-of-the-art software platform that helps our clients succeed like never before.

Philosophies That Make A Difference

Part of what makes your partnership with Inspire special is the transparency.

We proudly focus on strong customer support and take time to explain the bills to your patients.

We help physicians stay informed and ahead of the game.

We Inspire for a better healthcare.

We work closely with the practice in order to maximize potential.

We troubleshoot the rules and bureaucracy of insurance companies for you.

We believe our agreements are like partnerships; when you succeed, we all succeed together.

What To Look For With Inspire Medical Billing

As a reliable medical billing firm, IMB’s qualified team provides customized solutions to each practices individual needs. In addition to billing experts, our team includes AAPC certified medical coders as well as knowledge across many EMR and billing platforms. Inspire Medical Billing’s promise is to provide accurate and timely billing!

IMB’s team has extensive knowledge and experience with:
• Medicare and Medicaid rules and regulations
• Diagnostic and procedural coding
• Electronic claim submission
• Accounts payable management

The results yield increased reimbursements and a reduction in claim rejections!!!

When You Partner with Inspire Medical Billing you can expect the following

Claim Submission

Our mission is to ensure that we get our partners paid consistently at the highest reimbursement rates. We work endlessly to maintain accurate submissions within the first day of receiving a claim.


*Day 1 claim submission


Receive the highest success rates in claim submissions. Inspire meticulously analyzes each claim by certifying the correct procedure and diagnosis codes are in place. We take pride in our billing in order to meet your practice’s needs.


*Upon first submission

Follow Up

We understand the bureaucracy and strict guidelines of insurance companies that can deny reimbursements. We adhere to a proactive policy when following up on any claim denials. We fight to make certain that claims are paid out accordingly.


*Follow up on all claims

Less Day’s in A/R

Claims with fewer days in Accounts Receivables allow for quicker reimbursement turnarounds. We can help lower a practice’s A/R to as little as 23 days which beats the national average by nearly 42%. This is done by combining our proactive methodologies and procedures with a state-of-the-art software platform.


*Decrease from old A/R

Increase in Monthly Collections

Whether a practice comes to us struggling or successful, we consistently find opportunities for growth. With industry knowledge and a passion for our partner’s success, we continue to see revenue gains of up to 15% month over month.


*Increase in revenue

Proud Partners

ACO – We are proud to say we are a preferred vendor of the Independent Physicians ACO of Chicago LLC.

Presence Health – We are Proud to say that Presence health hospital chooses Inspire as their preferred vendor over other billing companies.

Speak to our sales department and become a partner with Inspire!